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The Startup Annex™ is a program designed by veteran entrepreneurs and created to transform visionaries and their ideas into successful startups. The StartUp Annex™ is specially organized to take your startup, at whatever point of development it might be, and give you the elusive but necessary tools needed to form a complete, powerful and successful startup.

Over the course of the flexible multi-week program, you’ll be given access to the best resources, courses, and mentors in the South Florida business community. They’ll focus on several key subjects that you’ll need in order for your startup to successfully break into your marketplace.

StartUp Doral Business Incubator Accelerator Miami Doral Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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StartUp Annex™ Terms & Conditions, Privacy, Signature

The StartUp Annex™ dba/ The Marketing Annex™, Inc. enforces the Employment Non-Discrimination Act of 2013, to student admissions, and career training programs. Our programs are available to all entrepreneurs!

We are committed to assisting every entrepreneur that successfully completes our 10-week program in obtaining interested potential investors for their specific product or service. If and once investors have agreed to participate in its execution, Start-Up Annex™ participants (owners) shall own 6% of the product or service to be divided according to contract.

Our Digital Marketing Program is project based utilizing contemporary practical social media, marketing and web analytics and has been created for the interested adult learner. We will provide career services and assist in helping you obtain a job or begin your own business!

In our Digital Marketing Program, you will benefit from career services including job placement. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics 2016, 84% of all jobs require at least a high school diploma or its equivalency. (% may vary by state).

*StartUp Annex will do everything possible to connect participant with qualified employers, investors and other business connections with our vast network. There is no implied or real guarantee that this assistance will result in employment, investments or sales.


Our programs have been developed with the adult learner in mind, admitting entrepreneurs, on a non-discriminatory basis. We admit highly energetic, disciplined and dedicated professionals that have an interest, ability and desire to benefit from our quick and affordable training programs!

Charge to your credit card or Paypal account will read Marketing Annex, Inc.

• No add’l fees including: registration, books, materials (if materials are needed for product demonstration they are the responsibility of the student), lab fees or career services fees Admissions application fee as well as total tuition amount may be paid by Paypal or credit card.

It is important to note the charge to your credit card or Paypal account will show as The Marketing Annex.

Once tuition has been paid it is nonrefundable.


By signing above I acknowledge that I am in agreement with all requirements and processes as stated in the Terms & Conditions that include but are not limited to, eligibility, tuition and fees, method of payment and refund policy.

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