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The Marketing Annex, Inc. has tailored a professionally accelerated program that caters to the innovative professional adult, like yourself! Class sessions will be held bi-weekly and hosted by industry experts allowing entrepreneurs to master the steps in launching their successful business.

The StartUp Annex™ Business Incubator Curriculum

This intensive 10-week training program is designed with the entrepreneur in mind! We have invited the most experienced and knowledgeable subject matter experts in the South Florida business community to participate in our program and they have accepted! These business giants are excited to assist you with the essential skills and knowledge you need for the successful development and launch of your product and/or service.

Our focus will remain on the following key subjects:


  • Overflowing passion for your product and or service
  • Developing and perfecting your business plan & executive summary
  • Structuring, building, and launching your business
  • Researching your market


  • Protecting your idea including its name, logo, trademarks and bylines
  • Solidly building your business model foundation
  • Relating real data to contemporary market research and focus groups
  • Validating your business model
  • Designing and developing your minimum viable product (herein MVP)


  • Marketing your business and/or service 100 ways with minimal costs
  • Maximizing social media outlets thereby increasing your revenues and growing your profits
  • Building a powerful online brand
  • Utilizing social media to develop the most effective action plan for your business
  • The important of Search Engine Optimization (herein SEO)
  • Selecting the best website platforms
  • Becoming a WORDPRESS expert and creating your own website
  • Increasing your company’s reach via well planned out email campaigns
  • Networking with programmers and coders, modernizing your product


  • Researching, validating, protecting and marketing your ideas
  • Preparing for business investors
  • Legalizing the incorporation process as well as the legalities of IP including patents, trademarks, copyright and securing domain names
  • Mastering your negotiation skills and giving your start-up the edge over the competition
  • Managing your time as it relates to marketing
  • Learning all about the exceptional strategy of email campaigns
  • Learning to combine and master technology and business


  • You will learn the fastest way to identify, analyze, research and solve any business problem
  • You will learn the most efficient way to participate in a problem solving team
  • Energetically presenting your product with a unique pitch deck to the public
  • Perfecting the art of coaching
  • Networking with coaches, mentors and other entrepreneurs thereby building a support team to assist you in taking your dream to market
  • Building an inspiring work team and finding partners and co-founders to participate in your dream


  • Learning all about capitalization
  • Converting retaining earnings
  • Finding angel investors, venture capitalists
  • Learning all about crow funding and the Jobs Act and applying it to your dream
  • Learning relevant accounting practices and applying them to your company including EIN, IRS, permits and licenses

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