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The StartUp Annex™ Business Incubator Overview

Rigorous Content Instruction

The Marketing Annex, Inc. has tailored a professionally accelerated program that caters to the innovative entrepreneur, like yourself! Class sessions will be held twice a week and hosted by industry experts allowing entrepreneurs to master the steps in launching their successful business.

Taking Dreams to MarketThe HOW TO of taking your dreams to market

You are passionate about your product and/or service and in this training you will acquire the tools needed to learn how to validate, protect and license your ideas. You will also prepare your business for investors. Mastering these new tools you will learn how to succeed at getting started!

Lean Start-Up Model written by Eric Ries, 2015, given to you at during your orientation, will be discussed.

Problem Solving Fit: Processes to solving any business situation

You will gain a structured format of skills and competencies to creatively identify, analyze, research and solve any business problem. In addition, you will learn effective techniques to apply when following up on your decisions, as well as, the most efficient way to participate in a problem solving team.

*IP Intellectual Property: Idea protection in its entirety

As an entrepreneur, you are concerned whether your idea needs protection and, the methods and legal processes by which this protection is successfully applied. In a relaxed learning atmosphere you will present your product/or service and an IP expert will evaluate every detail; including but not limited to, name, logo, trademarks and bylines and the schedule in which to produce and develop them.

*NDA signed by all participants, including presenters & any administrators present in training facility.

Corporate Capitalization: The structure of your company cultivates funding

This training will feature the ins and outs of corporate capitalization, which will include the detailed incorporation process. There will also be a focus on how to convert retained earning into capital by issuing stock; restricted stock agreements, 83b election, F/FF stock, employee agreements and private stock transfer agreements.

Business Model: WHY is the foundation of your business crucial?

The 9 proven practices of building your business as illustrated by Eric Ries in "The Lean Start Up", will be discussed at length, especially as they pertain to the 4 main areas of your specific business:

  1. The customers
  2. The offers
  3. The Infrastructure
  4. The source of profit

Business Model Validation: Creating your ideal customer and validating your business model via focus groups and other formulas

In this intense session you will investigate who is interested in your product/and or service, and utilizing this information, you will refine your business model for maximum viability. Utilizing real data via existing customers and contemporary market research you will learn how to use focus groups to determine which aspects of your business are on target and which ones need further researching.

Business Plan & Executive Summary: The value of perfecting both via education and applied research

By the end of this training you will have organized your start-up business constructing a concise, well thought out professional business plan and 1-page business plan. You will also create an executive summary. This short but detailed writing will fully illustrate your company’s operations. Mastering how to build and develop both, you’ll remain focused leading to a solid future for your start-up.

Presentation Skills: Become proficient in the three general purposes of presenting in public, to inform, to persuade and to entertain.

As an energetic entrepreneur pursuing your dream, there are unique ways that you will use to demonstrate that you believe in your product and or service. This workshop is specifically intended to assist you in presenting your product powerfully, with clarity and with integrity. By the time you leave you will be able to demonstrate verbally, the confidence you have in your business by projecting control and maximizing your message for all audience types and needs.

Presenting for Investors: The importance of winning presentation decks

Remember that you are telling a story about your start-up and the first impression that you make is critical. Proven presentation methods will be reviewed, discussed and applied utilizing a variety of audiences and their respective settings. You are part of a forum that allows you the opportunity to share the best and critical aspects of start-ups, as you know them. You will leave this workshop confidently knowing what it is investors are looking for and which product specifics you should focus on the most.

Going Public: Learn about angel investors and venture capitalists, crowd funding, the Jobs Act, and how comprehensive knowledge of this information can assist you with your start-up

This session features an abundance of techniques on how to attract, what to expect and how to negotiate with angel investors and venture capitalists. Keep in mind that they are entrepreneurs just like you and they will be pleased to give your start-up a boost by sharing resources and success stories.

You will also learn about crowd funding; the practice of raising small amounts of money online from a large number of people. You will be taught how to apply this practice and attract and instill confidence in online contributors.

Understanding and applying the Jobs Act will also be discussed at length. All information including overview and analysis will be up to date.

Negotiation Skills: Learning and applying them eloquently

Your start-up must continue growing successfully; therefore you must learn the most relevant skill in the industry, negotiation. By becoming proficient in this skill you will create confidence in your team leading them to a higher commitment and peak performance. The key skill of coaching will also be taught in a way that when applied will differentiate your business from all others. You will lean how to be innovative with stakeholders and effectively gain insight from them.  

New Media & New Marketing: 100 ways to market your business

This interactive training provides a broad overview as well as innovative ways on how with minimal costs you can market your business, increase your revenues and grow your profits. To grow your business, you will also become proficient in maximizing the use of social media outlets, including FB, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter and Pinterest. Subject matter experts from New Media and New Marketing will assist you with time management as it relates to marketing and annihilating competition.

Mastering Social Media: Effectively using social media to build a powerful online brand

As an entrepreneur of a soon to be very popular start-up, you will agree that you are in the process of building your business. It is essential that the foundation of your start-up include social media outlets. This session will give you the best, practical principles and practices to apply, as well as, a broad overview of all social media outlets including Google, blogs, YouTube and PR releases. You'll become aware of the best ways to share information across the many virtual communities, including FB, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

You will leave this training session with a developed action plan and how to utilize all outlets of social media with maximum effectiveness for the continued success of your business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Proven techniques that will increase your online ranking

This session is designed to focus on all areas of SEO, including how Google affects your website, how the source of your website is read and finding the keywords for which consumers search. This is the most practical training available for getting your website to the top of Google Search.

Email Marketing: Maximizing its use

This instruction will encompass the skills and competencies you will need to apply when using the concept of email, to market your start-up. While this concept may seem overwhelming at times, you will learn how to define an exceptional strategy for each campaign and how to increase your company’s reach. You will also be able to track and analyze the results of each email campaign, thereby increasing productivity and efficiency of future campaigns.

WordPress Web Design: Creating websites for your business

This seminar is designed for entrepreneurs who wish to quickly build and manage their own high quality websites to market their products and/or services. Entrepreneurs will not only save time and money but will become skillful WordPress website designers. 

*Courses are added, changed or removed as the StartUp Annex program is improved.

Course Offering for StartUp Annex™

  • Dreams to Market: How to take your dreams to market.
  • IP Intellectual Property: How to protect your idea.
  • Corporate Capitalization: How to structure your company to get funded.
  • Business Model: Learn the proven strategies of the Lean Startup
  • Validating your business model: Learn how to create customer personas and validate your business model.
  • Business Plan Development: Learn to develop your business plan and one-page executive summary.
  • Presenting like a pro: Learn the public speaking techniques used by the best speakers.
  • Investor Presentations: How to develop winning presentation decks.
  • Investors 101: Learn about raising money through Crowd funding, Angel investors, VC’s and more.
  • Negotiation skills 101: Learn to negotiate like a pro.
  • Marketing Magic: 100 innovative New Media and New Marketing ways to market your business.
  • JOBS act: How to take a company public under the JOBS act.
  • Social Media Mastery: Learn how to effectively use Google, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Blogs and social media tools to build a powerful online.
  • SEO & Website Optimization: Learn proven techniques to increase your online ranking.
  • Email marketing: This practical program gives you a concise, comprehensive overviews to create and send professional-looking email newsletters and promotions.

                                                  *Courses are added, changed or removed as the StartUp Annex program is improved.

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